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  On this webpage we share information about the activities of “Yakaku”. To know more about activities, please click “photoalbum” or “blog”.
 We are an official circle for outdoors activity at Hokkaido University. In Japan, joining a circle is an important part of the university student experience.
 We recommend you to join our circle “Yakaku” if you
•    Want to fully enjoy all that Hokkaido has to offer
•    Want to try mountain climbing
•    Want to take part in planning various adventures in Hokkaido
•    Want to enjoy nature

The name Yakaku (野客) is an old Japanese word that means something along the lines of ‘a person who lives in the mountains’. In our circle we do anything that is related to the outdoors. We focus on relaxing and having fun and encourage anything you may want to do.​

Our Activities

We meet every week on Mondays and Wednesdays to discuss and plan our activities. By joining us, you will be able to enjoy the nature of Hokkaido through exploring mountains, camping, traveling, cycling, along with other activities to your heart’s content!
We hope that just reading this will make you more and more interested in our circle!

What makes Yakaku special?

There are several outdoors oriented circles at Hokkaido University, so why choose Yakaku?

1. We are a relatively small group of people, especially compared to other outdoors circles. This is something that helps when moving around in nature. The point of these kinds of activities is to be able to move around freely. A smaller group means that it is easier to become close friends, the older and younger students are not so separated from each other, and it is easy to have conversation at any time.

2. You can engage in the activities you are personally interested in! One of the strengths of our circle is that anyone can plan the activity they want to, not just the more experienced students. Camping, road trips, cycling and mountain climbing, everything is welcome. It is fun to take part in the activities planned by your friends, and whatever it is you want to do you can also enjoy together with your friends.

3. You will truly get to know and enjoy Hokkaido. Hokkaido has some of the most famous tourist locations in the nation. There are many amazingly beautiful places outside of Sapporo, but despite this, not many students at Hokkaido University or even residents in Hokkaido really take the time to travel around and explore.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us!!

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